The Mechanical Division is responsible for the physical aspect of the robot. We build the frame, body, and any moving parts on the robot for MATE Underwater Competition. The division thinks of creative ways to to accomplish any task brought to us. We use tools both in our lab and machinery in the SDELC to bring life to the designs we make on SolidWorks. This division is great for anyone with an interest in fabrication or design. No experience necessary.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more feel free to email Ben Wilt at
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2-5-19 ROV Mechanical update!

Fall semester 2018: Last semester the mechanical division worked diligently with the electrical division on designing enclosures needed for the many electronics. The mechanical division also worked on multiple prototypes including a new and improved manipulator, custom waterproof enclosures, and waterproof motors. Frame Design 2019: The frame design of 2019 is a revised version of 2018’s […]

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Testing Begins: The ROV Comes to Life!

As the first semester of the Underwater Robotics’ build cycle comes to a close, the team eagerly wires up the electronics and places them into the enclosure. It has been a tumultuous semester – a relocation, a new design, and a new team. The team has been hard at work assembling a frame and thruster […]

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New Year, New Challenge – IGVC 2017

With every new school year comes a new set of challenges, and for the Robotics Design Team, it’s preparing for the 2017 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, or IGVC for short. The competition takes place At Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan on June 2 – June 5, 2017. The contestants must design an outdoor terrain vehicle […]

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NASA Robotic Mining Competition 2015

The past week has been extremely busy as we hit the road to take our new robot, unofficially dubbed “Moonshot”, across the country from our campus in Rolla, Missouri to NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Center on the Florida coast. The competition involved remotely controlling our mining robot to make it collect sandy regolith (mineral dust) from […]

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Moonshot Progress

  Hello all! Our newest robot is almost up and running! Currently, it can drive, but when we’re done with it, it’s gonna dominate!! Here’s some pictures and video of the robot in its current state.   Here are the videos: IMG_2496 IMG_2498

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New Robot Drives Anywhere Without Turning

Though we obviously have a few big robots we’ve built for competitions, we at Missouri S&T’s Robotics Competition Team now have a much smaller addition. Our new pint-sized robot, which we’ve given the name Micro Prime (or μPrime), uses an advanced drive mechanism called swerve drive. Basically, this means that it can immediately go in […]

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