Public Relations

The Public Relations Team is responsible for the team’s public activities.  We speak to companies and alumni and engage in public outreach programs. We educate younger students who are interested in STEM fields at S&T and around Missouri. The PR team is also the team’s fund raising and social event planning team.

PR Lead Austin Renwick can be contacted about the PR Team at


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Making the Transition: Underwater Robotics Fully Moved into SDELC

The Underwater Robotics Team is now completely moved into the Missouri S&T Student Design and Experimental Learning Center, SDELC for short. This change was long overdue, and with the recent team re-brand, it was an obvious choice to relocate. For years, the Robotics Design Team (now the Underwater Robotics Team) had used a personal space […]

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A New Vision – Robotics Gets an Upgrade

  For years the Robotics team have discussed using visual media to reach out to our supporters, in the forms of videos and live streams. Enabling experienced members to share their process and insight to the design process will engage sponsors, alumni, and prospective members alike. The biggest obstacle thus far has been obtaining a […]

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New Year, New Challenge – IGVC 2017

With every new school year comes a new set of challenges, and for the Robotics Design Team, it’s preparing for the 2017 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, or IGVC for short. The competition takes place At Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan on June 2 – June 5, 2017. The contestants must design an outdoor terrain vehicle […]

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Robotics BBQs, Retrieves Frisbee From Lake

A week ago, the Robotics team held a barbecue in Schuman Park. For the people who showed up, there was food, board games, and gusts of wind strong enough to blow cards halfway across the pavilion and push a frisbee into the lake. The ensuing scramble to retrieve the frisbee took teamwork, engineering acumen, and a lot […]

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Rolling Out at Minerama!

This past Friday was Minerama, the student involvement fair which is held at the start of every semester at Missouri S&T to show students all of the various organizations in the community that they can be a part of. Though many clubs, teams, and societies had booths, we’re pretty sure we’re the only one that […]

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NASA Robotic Mining Competition 2015

The past week has been extremely busy as we hit the road to take our new robot, unofficially dubbed “Moonshot”, across the country from our campus in Rolla, Missouri to NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Center on the Florida coast. The competition involved remotely controlling our mining robot to make it collect sandy regolith (mineral dust) from […]

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Moonshot Progress

  Hello all! Our newest robot is almost up and running! Currently, it can drive, but when we’re done with it, it’s gonna dominate!! Here’s some pictures and video of the robot in its current state.   Here are the videos: IMG_2496 IMG_2498

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New Robot Drives Anywhere Without Turning

Though we obviously have a few big robots we’ve built for competitions, we at Missouri S&T’s Robotics Competition Team now have a much smaller addition. Our new pint-sized robot, which we’ve given the name Micro Prime (or μPrime), uses an advanced drive mechanism called swerve drive. Basically, this means that it can immediately go in […]

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